Powered Roller Accumulation Conveyor


Powered Roller Accumulation Conveyors are used for transferring Crates, Cartons, Boxes, Pallets, Slave Boards etc. automatically over horizontal or inclined planes.

Mild Steel Bright Zinc Plated & PVC Rollers fitted with semi-precision bearings for conveyor applications are fitted in MS Powder Coated Stringers of modular design with eight standard Inside Track Widths from 312mm to 762mm, with roller diameters of 25mm, 38mm and 50mm for load ratings of 4kg, 8kg and 12kg per Roller.

Plastic Sleeved Tapered Rollers are used for 90 degree bends. One Line Shaft driven by a Geared Motor provides power to the Rollers by PU Drive Belts, which are designed to slip under excessive loading and allows the product to accumulate.

Various sub assemblies like Pneumatically Operated Chain Transfer, Stopper, Turn Tables, Hoist Units can be integrated with motion control accessories like Photo Electric Switch. Directional controls units like Merge, Switch, Bend, Lift Up Gate Sections are available for moving the products automatically in different directions.

Various Safety Devices are offered as standard accessories to protect the Equipment & Operators from any possible accidents. Emergency Controls are made available at the Loading, Unloading & Intermediate zones.
Belt Conveyors of identical modular design & dimensions can be easily integrated for economic layout and orientations of the material handling. Automation Accessories with PLC and process interlocks are available.
Custom designed Rollers having other dimensions and load ratings are also available.

Typical Usage

Client applications of this product.



Handling of automobile electrical accessories during manufacturing process


Williamson Magor Ltd.

Packages of tea after blending process


Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Cartons of ‘Kissan’ fruit jam, tomato ketchup, squash bottles from storage to production areas


Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Automatic conveying of cartons of various brands of toilet soaps from manufacturing to storage

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