World Class conveyor systems & material handling equipment services in India

Demo Facilities

At our Research and Development Center we have integrated modules for the following for our customers, using our demo conveyor systems:

⦿  Material Characteristics Test for Bulk Materials
⦿  Conveyability Test with customer materials / products
⦿  Demonstration of Equipment in Running Condition
⦿  Product Familiarization Programs
⦿  Plant Operators Training
⦿  Multimedia Presentation of Installations and Review

Characteristic Test of Materials (Sample)

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Conveyability Test of Materials (Sample)

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Classification of Materials

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Definition of Terminology

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Customer Services

With over 3 decades of experience and expertise in the conveyor systems, material handling and logistics industry, Maschinen Fabrik offers services conforming to international standards.


Pilot Unit for Trial for Conveyor Systems

Trials runs for conveyability can be performed with our pilot units.


Erection and Commissioning

The complete, dedicated field services of a team of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineers, as well as Technicians and Fitters are available on chargeable basis for supervising Erection and Commissioning of Equipment supplied by us.

Complete sets of speciality tools, instruments, inspection mechanisms, calibration and testing apparatus are available for the required activities at site.

Engineers are deputed within a short notice for completing the site activities, within a stipulated period, as per the approved commissioning protocol.

Conveyor Systems Services Material Handling India

Training of Plant Operators

The service towards training of plant operators are available at our facilities in Kolkata and Mumbai. Followings courses are generally covered:

⦿  Instruction Manual – Operation and Maintenance
⦿  Spares List
⦿  Maintenance Videos
⦿  Preparation of Service Reports
⦿  Maintenance History Sheets
⦿  Safety Protocol
⦿  Hands on Assembly & Maintenance Activities

Special courses are taken up at the customer site under prior arrangements to cover maintenance activities on mechanical, electrical, pneumatic instrumentation and ventilation systems supplied by us.

Annual Maintenance Service (AMS)

Annual Maintenance Service Contracts for products are available for new equipment for a period of 3 (three) years from the date of commissioning. The Service Agreement covers maintenance with or without spare parts.
We offer a high percentage of plant availability by ensuring zero breakdown. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance activities are carried out at regular intervals. Customers / users are informed by service report about the condition of the equipment and vital spare parts.

Conveyor Systems Services Material Handling India


Maschinen Fabrik owns multiple, extensive manufacturing facilities in the industrial area of Kolkata, India, for the complete range of equipment listed in our products profile.

Apart from general plant and machinery as well as special purpose machines, we have various types of jigs and fixtures imported from our foreign collaborators for maintaining our high manufacturing quality and stringent international standards.

A wide vendor base with a substantial amount of specialized manufacturing facilities for job working as per our design and manufacturing standards supports the regular production programs.

Specific details for any particular capability, list of plant and machinery, as well as inspection facilities are available to customers upon request.

Major facilities include:

⦿  Fabrication of carbon steels & stainless steels
⦿  Plasma Cutting
⦿  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
⦿  Metal Inert Gas Welding
⦿  Submerged Arc Welding
⦿  Plastic Welding
⦿  CNC Punching and Forming
⦿  Guillotine Shearing
⦿  Sand, Grit, Glass Bead Blasting
⦿  Polishing and Buffing
⦿  Electroplating
⦿  Powder Coat Painting
⦿  General Purpose Machining

Conveyor Systems Services Material Handling India

Knowledge × Experience

Over 1700 successful material handling projects in India and abroad, and 31 years of international expertise — we command exceptional competence in German engineering.

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The most prestigious companies in the industry have been relying on our products and services for years. No matter the challenge, we know how to deliver a solution.

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