Tube Chain Conveyor


Tube Chain Conveyor is a revolutionary concept that takes care of three major industrial factors: Power, Space & Environment. It is a slow moving equipment backed up by a control panel containing Digital Logic Controllers and sensors for automatic operation, for a chain tensioning device and an under-speed monitor, which makes it virtually maintenance free.

It handles a wide spectrum of materials like Coal, Ash, Food Grains, Chemicals, Pesticides, Bulk Drugs, Animal Feeds, Salt, Sugar, Milk Powder, Fertilizers and many more. Particles ranging from fine to 20mm lump size with an operating temperature of up to 200ºC can be conveyed effortlessly.

Tube Chain Conveyor facilitates multi-axis conveying with a single drive machine. The conveyor comes in mild steel and stainless steel constructions, with the conveyor chain made of hardened and tempered alloy steel materials, with high tensile and wear resistant properties.

Detailed configurations are available on request.

Typical Usage

Client applications of this product.


Larsen & Toubro Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 18.51m

Chain Length: 39m

Capacity: 42 m³/h

Material: Raw coal


Exide India Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 14.85m

Chain Length: 32m

Capacity: 1.54 m³/hr

Material: Lead Oxide


Pidilite India Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 20.40m

Chain Length: 42m

Capacity: 2.80 m³/hr

Material: Salt


Plant Lipids Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 18.63m

Chain Length: 40m

Capacity: 8.25 m³/hr

Material: Chili powder


Reckitt & Colman Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 30.51m

Chain Length: 64m

Capacity: 5 m³/hr

Material: China Clay powder


Hindustan Lever Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 15.50m

Chain Length: 34m

Capacity: 15 m³/hr

Material: Tea


Heinz India Pvt. Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 46.45m

Chain Length: 97m

Capacity: 2 m³/hr

Material: Fly ash


IFB Agro India Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 15.60m

Chain Length: 33m

Capacity: 5 m³/hr

Material: Ground grains


Anirox Pigment Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 26.18m

Chain Length: 55m

Capacity: 3 m³/hr

Material: Red Iron Oxide


Electrosteel Castings Ltd.


Axis-to-Axis Length: 18.52m

Chain Length: 39m

Capacity: 2.15 m³/hr

Material: Sand

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