Round Dust Collector

Dust filtration is based on elimination of extremely small solid particles from a certain quantity of air. This is achieved through use of a filter made from fabric or non-woven spun-bonded materials which allows air to pass through but is able to withhold the dust particles. To avoid clogging, the filter medium must be cleaned at regular intervals.

The Round Dust Collector range includes versions with weather protection cover, suction fan or a flange connection for an existing fan. The filter media are cleaned either by mechanical vibration or by a compressed air jet. Depending on the type of dust and the application of the unit, round filters are equipped with either cylindrical bags, elliptical bags or with cartridges, the latter offering the most favourable filter surface to volume ratio.

The filter media itself can be made of needlefelt, different qualities of plain or surface treated non-woven polyester in standard or antistatic version and of various other materials, again depending on the type of dust to be filtered. The computer animation shows a standard situation of dust collection in a pneumatic conveying system focusing on the working principle which applies to all round air jet filters. In this case the dust source consists of a moving mixture of powder and air pouring into a collecting hopper.

On arrival inside the hopper the air must be allowed to escape, otherwise the hopper would burst. On top of the air outlet a round filter with weather protection cover is installed in order to hold back the dust. The contaminated air is blown into the filter body. While the dust settles on the outside of the cartridges, the air penetrates the filtering media and escapes through the clean air outlet at the top of the unit.

To keep the media clean, groups of cartridges are cleaned alternately by compressed air jets shot inside the cartridges. An electronic panel controls both the sequence and the length of the intervals at which the solenoid valves fitted on top of the air distributor modules let air out of the externally mounted pressure tank. This so-called reverse air jet passes from inside the cartridges through the media removing the layer of dust deposit on the outside of the cartridge elements. The dust particles fall back down into the hopper.

The great advantage of the air jet cleaning system, compared to mechanically cleaned filters, is that it is possible to clean the filter while it is working. Consequently, air jet filters become an obligatory choice for continuous operation.


Filter Surface:

Minimum:  1m² (10.8 sq. ft.)
Maximum:  47m² (505.9 sq. ft.)


Air Volume:

Minimum:  60m³/h (35.3 cu. ft. per min.)
Maximum:  4,500m³/h (2,649 cu. ft. per min.)


Components & Variants :

  • Standard weather protection cover
  • Suction fan
  • Cover with top flange for pipe connection to an existing suction fan
  • Cover with lateral flange for pipe connection to an existing suction fan
  • Compressed air jet cleaning system
  • Vibrator cleaning system (only for discontinuous operation)
  • Standard body with small access door
  • Body with large access door for filter bags and cartridges mounted on the dirty side
  • Cut off body for insertable filters
  • Heavy duty body for negative pressure up to 0.5 bar (7.2 psi)
  • Filter cartridges
  • Filter bags with circular cross section
  • Bags with elliptical cross section
  • Round bags and cartridges with threaded top collar for assembly on the dirty side
  • Bottom ring for bin vents


Accessories :

  • Dust collection hopper with manual butterfly valve
  • Dust collection hopper with diffuser


Advantages and Innovation:

  • Standard stainless steel body
  • Versatile use of polymer composites
  • Dust collector can be turned easily into food grade version
  • Quick access to filter media from clean air side
  • For maintenance of filter media, compressed air cleaning modules are easily removed without the aid of any tools
  • Filter media polymer cast at the top and at the bottom
  • Perfect fit of filter media thanks to push-in system
  • Minimum pressure loss due to special air diverter distribution modules
  • Venturi inserts guarantee maximum efficiency of the air jet
  • To reduce the height of the dust collector, the compressed air tank has been moved outside and fitted to the body beneath the clean air outlet
  • Electro-valves are located outside the dust collector body; they are fully enclosed by a panel made from SINTEX® that allows easy access; in this way explosive dusts cannot get in contact with electric components
  • Special design of air jet blowing system minimizes pressure drop
  • Thanks to the particular design of the weather protection cover pressure differential is reduced
  • Possibility of increasing the number of electrovalves
  • Special pre-tensioning device for circular and elliptical bag-type filter media
  • Standard after shut down cleaning cycle

Typical Usage

Client applications of this product.


Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Bulk drugs and medical chemical powders


Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Manufacturing line of tea, for broken leaves and / or dust

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