Bag Dump Station


Bag Dump Station is used to dump bags of chemicals, milk powder, additives, spices, powders etc. into a conveying / chemical process. 25kg –100kg bags are loaded either manually or by Inclined Belt Conveyor with foot operated Run / Jog Switch. Dust Collectors of various Retrofitting Designs are provided to be fitted over Discharge Hopper, Unloading Vessel, Storage Silo, Conveyor Inlets to avoid plant operators from inhaling harmful fine powders, maintaining indoor air quality and good house keeping.

Pulsed Air Jet cleaning for cartridge type filters with field adjustable ON/OFF Cyclic Timers are provided for automatic cleaning and releasing the materials into the downstream process.

Typical Usage

Client applications of this product.


SmithKline Beecham

Skimmed milk powder unloading into Flexible Screw Conveyors for manufacturing process of ‘Horlicks’ drink


Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Unloading Carbon Black and manganese dioxide for manufacturing batteries used in the defense industry

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